Easy to use contact form builder

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HelloForm Builder is a contact form generator with user friendly interface. It can generate a 100% fully working php contact form with email function.

#1 BEST Contact Form Builder
5 star rated in Codecanyon
What made helloform builder best?

No Recurring Subscription

Say NO to subscription. This is absolutely a one time payment ONLY. Stop wasting your money in monthly subscription.


You hosted the form builder and the forms on your own server and fully control everything. No other 3rd parties hosted form.

Unlimited Forms

Create any number of forms with no limit. Helloform builder is not only for contact form. You can also build and design feedback form, survey form, job application form and other varieties of form.


Generated forms are look perfectly on mobile devices such as smartphone, tablets and other low-end devices. Targeting mobile users increase conversion rates for your business.
Example Generated Contact Form

The example form is a fully working contact form that sends email via SMTP.

You can match the contact form to your website design. You can customize labels and css properties such as:

  • background color
  • font color
  • font style (bold, italic, underline)
  • font size
  • font family (with 600+ Google Fonts)
  • border (width, radius, color)
  • and MANY MORE!

Believe it or not, this example form is created in less than 2 minutes.

Still don't believe? Then watch the tutorial video below.

Please watch the tutorial video on how to use the form builder and create your first html contact form